Substation Testing: Latest Technological Advancements

Substation Testing: Latest Technological Advancements

Presented by Volney Naranjo from Megger.

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Substation preventive and predictive maintenance is one of the important task for asset managers and power system operators. In this presentation, substation assets such as transformers, circuit breakers, batteries and current transformers will be discussed. Tests recommended in the international standards, best practices to perform those tests and how to analyze the results will be shared. Users attending this presentation will develop a better understanding of how to better maintain their assets and take critical decisions based upon data analysis and results interpretation.

This presentation will also cover latest developments in the off-line testing instruments that would help field engineers to obtain data faster, reliably and more accurately without compromising the safety of the operator or the assets. Latest instruments offered by Megger related to those offline tests will be highlighted.