ATEC Becomes Haefely and Lightning EMC’s Official North American Service Center

Press Release: ATEC Becomes Haefely and Lightning EMC’s Official North American Service Center

San Diego, CA. – Announced today, Advanced Test Equipment Corporation (ATEC) executed a contract agreement with Haefely and Lightning EMC, making ATEC the official North American Service Center for calibration and repair of Haefely EMC equipment. Advanced Test Equipment Corporation is a worldwide leader in test equipment rentals, sales, and calibrations, providing companies with equipment that meets all types of test, measurement and inspection requirements.

ATEC partnered with Haefely AG, an EMC and High Voltage equipment manufacturer, and Lightning EMC LLC, the exclusive distributor for Haefely EMC products within the United States. Haefely’s line of EMC products provide surge immunity test systems, coupling/decoupling networks (CDN’s), EFT/burst immunity test systems, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) equipment, power and pulse magnetic field systems, and voltage dips and interrupts test systems.

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation offers sales, service, and rentals of test and measurement equipment for a variety of industries and applications. ATEC already has a history of renting Haefely products and will now, along with Lightning EMC LLC, be the official authorized service and rental provider for Haefely EMC equipment. ATEC’s calibration lab is ISO 17025:2017 accredited by A2LA (cert# 3410.01) and will also provide repairs and support for the Haefely EMC product line within the United States.

“Haefely has become a leader in the EMC industry by providing user friendly products and great support. This agreement between Haefely, Lightning EMC, and ATEC will benefit customers with their daily testing needs,” said Jamison Berg, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Advanced Test Equipment Corporation. “ATEC always strives to better serve our customers, and by now being partnered with Haefely AG and Lightning EMC, service and support will be readily available from our team.”

For more on Haefely test equipment and calibrations click here or call (800) 404-2832.

About Advanced Test Equipment Corporation

Since 1981, Advanced Test Equipment Corp. (ATEC), a leading high tech equipment rental, sales, and calibration company provides short and long-term rentals, leases, and sales solutions for testing, analysis, inspection, measurement, monitoring, simulation, powering, certifying, and commissioning equipment to the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, communications, consumer electronics, defense, environmental, engineering, marine, power grid, transportation, and compliance testing companies. ATEC is a calibration service provider with ISO-9001:2015 certification, and ISO 17025:2017 Accredited for calibration.

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