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Industry News

Tektronix TekExpress LVDS Automated test solution on 70KC Series Scopes - V10.0.0.
November 24, 2020
The Tektronix TekExpress LVDS transmitter test application offers a physical layer test solution for transmitter parameter measurements and characterization for 70KC Series Scopes.
Optical Clock Recovery Application (v1.1.1) and Firmware for Tektronix TCR801 (v1.2.0)
November 19, 2020
Release of the Tektronix Optical Clock Recovery Application (v1.1.1) and TCR801 firmware (v1.2.0).This update allows the user to use the OCR application on multiple devices concurrently for a single TCR801, remaining in sync while monitoring or changing the instrument status. It also allows the user to be connected through the application while also sending PI commands in parallel. Multiple stability and bug fixes are included in this release, as well as resolution of known issues.
TSOVu Software Deployment Package for TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope
November 19, 2020
TSOVu v1.1 brings a host of analysis time-to-answer improvements to the PC-based oscilloscope software, especially in multichannel configurations. This release supports the following modules installed in the TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope: TSO8C17, TSO8C18. By downloading this software you agree to the latest End User License Agreement.
KickStart Instrument Control Software Version 2.4.0 (Windows 10, 8, 7 compatible)
November 08, 2020
"KickStart Software for the PC enables quick test setup and data visualization when using one or more instruments.

Key Features
• Save time by automating data collection of millions of readings.
• Set up a multi-instrument test with the ability to independently control up to eight instruments.
• Supports power supplies, source measure unit (SMU) instruments, DMMs, dataloggers and oscilloscopes.
• Replicate tests quickly using saved test configurations.
• Use built-in plotting and comparison tools to quickly discover measurement anomalies and trends.
• Users can launch a one-time 60-day free trial at any time for the KickStart Apps individually
• Distributes I-V Tracer application to Graphical SourceMeter SMU instruments

Changes in Version 2.4.0
• This release features new perpetual and time-based licenses giving customers more flexibility in purchasing options
• The Power Supply App now supports multiple-channel power supply instruments and an improved graphical user interface. The newly supported models are the 222x and 223x series power supplies.
• The High Resistivity App has been ported to KickStart v2.4.0. This app supports step response, alternating polarity and normal mode measurements and an ASTM D257 procedure.
• Added support for the TBS1000C and TBS2000B oscilloscopes in the Scope App.
• Added support for the Model 6517B electrometer in the DMM app.
• New and improved app-based trial licensing has been implemented that allows you to try any KickStart app for 60 days independently and on demand.
• Made user experience improvements to the Manage Licenses window to show details about the installed licenses and make the transfer of floating licenses simpler.
• Misc. problems resolved."

Model 4200-SCS Keithey Test Environment Interactive (KTEI) V9.1 Service Pack 5 (NOT SUPPORTED)
November 04, 2020

4200-SCS KTE Interactive V9.1 Service Pack 5 includes all changes from KTEI V9.1 Service Pack 1, 2, 3, and 4, plus support for new hardware (7.0) 4200-SMU and 4210-SMU.

This service pack is to be installed on top of either previously installed KTEI V9.1 Service Packs or KTEI V9.1 software on a 4200-SCS running Windows 7.

NOT SUPPORTED: Software is offered as is and no further updates are planned.

November 03, 2020
Software for MSO44, MSO46 V1.30.1
November 03, 2020
Software (non-Windows) for MSO54, MSO56, MSO58, MSO58LP
November 03, 2020
Windows Software for MSO54, MSO56, MSO58
November 03, 2020
Non-Windows Software for MSO64, LPD64 V1.30.2
November 03, 2020
Windows Software for MSO64, LPD64