Avco SM005-3 Shock Test Machine

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Avco SM005-3 Shock Test Machine
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AVCO SM005-3
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Up to 50lbs, 330ips, 17" Stroke Shock Machine
AVCO SM005-3 Specs
Carriage Size 9 ¼" by 9 ¼"
Stroke 18"
Terminal Velocity 330" per second (no load); 300" per second (with 25 lb. specimen)
Cycling Rate 4 cycles per minute
Specimen Weight 50 lb (maximum)
Power Source 115 VAC; 5A
Air Pressure 100 to 125 psig (filtered)
Base 20 inches x 20 inches
Air Consumption 4 SCFM (adiabatic expansion)
Height (floor to top of carriage) 43 inches
Installed Weight 1200 lb
Shipping Weight 1250 lb domestic
1340 lb export