Buehler Wilson VH1202 Hardness Tester Enterprise

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The Buehler Wilson VH1202 Hardness Tester Enterprise is a versatile instrument with the precision mechanics of a motorized turret, allow for a fast and quiet positioning. The turret offers either 4 or 6 objective slots, allowing you to fit all the magnification power for your application. The standard 10x and 50x objective can be extended with a 100x objective, thus allowing for a total magnification of up to 1000x. The 5x objective standard on the Buehler Wilson VH1202 Enterprise, with its large field of view, allows for easier navigation on your specimen, for example in automation situations with a motorized XY-stage.

The Buehler Wilson VH1202 Hardness Tester Enterprise is equipped with a menu-controlled automatic load selection that eliminates the need for a load selector knob, avoids human error and ensures an ergonomic operation. In combination with the DiaMet automation software, it is possible to select test loads from the PC. The Wilson VH1202 Enterprise expands on the full-automatic system with cutting-edge capabilities features such as hardness mapping, scanning and pattern templates. With auto measure, auto illumination, motorized XY stage, and auto focus, this is the most complete of the Buehler Wilson hardness testers.