F&K Physiktechnik GmbH Optovib Vibration Sensor System

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F&K Physiktechnik GmbH Optovib Vibration Sensor System
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F&K Physiktechnik GmbH Optovib
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The F&K Physiktechnik GmbH Optovib Vibration Sensor System is an uber-precise optoelectric displacement system that measures vibration amplitude, vibration velocity and vibration acceleration over a frequency range of 150 kHz. These test instruments possess two resolution measurement ranges of up to 2 µmm and, for especially small amplitudes, a resolution of up to 1 µm. 

F&K Physiktechnik GmbH Optovib vibration measurement devices are developed for use in wire bonding machines to determine the ultrasonic vibration amplitude of the welding tool under test. F&K Physiktechnik GmbH Optovib units scan mechanical oscillating targets via visible red light. A signal, directly proportional to the mechanical displacement, is then delivered to the device.
F&K Physiktechnik GmbH Optovib Features
  • Measures mechanical oscillation amplitude, frequency and sine wave
  • Investigate ultrasound amplitude from all wedge types of bonding machines
  • LCD display
  • Output which is oscilloscope-compatible
  • Output which disposes rectified signal for control purposes, etc.
  • Laser Class II
  • Maximum optical output does not exceed 1 mW
  • Main Components:
    • µP controlled measurement device
    • Sensor Head (a non-contact semiconductor laser sensor)
    • Universal Power Supply
F&K Physiktechnik GmbH Optovib Specs
Calibrated Range I (0.1 to 2) µm ±0.05 µm, peak-peak
Calibrated Range II (0.1 to 1) µm ±0.02 µm, peak-peak
Frequency Range I 50 to 150 kHz
Frequency Range II 115 to 128 kHz
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 12 VDC stabilized
Output Current Max. 1.0 A
Laser Sensor Dimensions (L x H x W) 65 mm x 21 mm x 15 mm (2.56" x 0.83" x 0.6")
Measurement Device Dimensions (L x H x W) 155 mm x 90 mm x 204 mm (6.1" x 3.54" x 8.03")
Power Supply Dimensions (L x H x W) 60 mm x 95 mm x 100 mm (2.36" x 3.74" x 3.94")