Spectracom 2200 Path Align-R 1.5 GHz - 19.4 GHz

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The Spectracom 2240 Path Align-R 1.5 GHz - 19.4 GHz point-to-point antenna path alignment test set will quickly and accurately optimize and align the transmission path between two microwave sites in simply a matter of minutes. This path alignment tester includes all frequency bands in the 1.5 to 19.4 GHz range.

The path alignment RF test equipment set includes everything needed to align a microwave link to communicate between sites. Two path-align battery-powered antenna alignment transceivers are included along with battery, charger, coax cable assembly (3 meters with SMA male connectors), headset with 10-foot cord and a weather-resistant instrument backpack. Optimize your microwave dishes and provide clear communication with the Spectracom 2200 path align test kit.