Tektronix 520A NTSC Vectorscope

Tektronix 520A NTSC Vectorscope
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Tektronix 520A NTSC Vectorscope
Tektronix Test Equipment 520A
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The Tektronix 520A NTSC Vectorscope is designed to measure luminance, hue and saturation of the NTSC color television signal. Solid-state circuitry is used to reduce power consumption and heat dissipation. With less heat generated, no fan is required and quieter operation is achieved. The 520A is intended for continuous monitoring of the signal. Self-cancelling pushbutton switches permit rapid selection of television signal characteristics, and checking of vectorscope calibration.


  • Luminance Amplitude
  • Chrominance Amplitude and Phase
  • Differential Phase
  • Differential Gain
  • Vector display shows the relative phase and amplitude of the chrominance signal on polar