Valhalla 2053 Wideband Polyphase Power Analyzer

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The wide band, dual channel, multiphase wattmeter family is an ideal solution for power measurements in high current, poly-phase, high frequency applications. This instrument contains built-in current shunts rated for the higher of the two current ranges specified .Three displays simultaneously indicate the TRMS current, TRMS voltage and True (ElcosO) watts for the selected 0 or channel .Display selections include VAW for 20 or 30 individual phases,total multiphase power, and VAW for 10 or dual channel applications.

The watts computation process centers around a 4 quadrant wide-band analog multiplier. Loads consuming current from the power line at a high frequency rate such as a 20 KHz switching mode regulator may now have their power consumption accurately measured Conventional wattmeters are limited typically to 800Hz in response. Useful options include an isolated data output package featuring BCD outputs, 0 to 5 VDC analog outputs and real time waveforms for the functions being displayed.