Velonex 360 High Power Pulse Generator

Velonex 360 High Power Pulse Generator
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Specifications (with 200 ohms resistive load):

Output Pulse Voltage <200 V - 2.5 kV peak, continuously variable
PRF 1Hz - 300,000 Hz, continuously variable, plus manual one-shot
Pulse Polarity Negative. Can be inverted by accessory plug-in unit
Pulse Width 50nS - 3 mS, continuously variable
Rise Time 20 nanoseconds maximum
Fall Time 30 nanoseconds maximum
Duty Factor 0 to 1.5% at maximum output
Scope Trigger Output 5 V peak (into 300 ohms), positive polarity, 200 nanoseconds width
External Trigger Input 2.5 V to 5.0 V peak, 0.05 mS width minimum, positive polarity
External Drive Positive polarity pulse, PRF - one-shot to 300 kHz, 10-15 V peak (Zin = 100W)
Input Voltage 105-125 V
Dimensions 19-3/4" x 13" x 21-1/2"
Approx. Weight 140 lbs
Accessories Available Plug-in output units