Automotive Standards: Peugeot PSA B21 7110

The purpose of this standard defines the requirements to observe in order to ensure the electrical behavior and the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of the vehicles (specific vehicles and utility vehicles) and of associated electric, electronic and pyrotechnic equipment. The requirements defined in the standard constitute the reference for Supplier consultation. The PSA development head (in agreement with the PSA head of ECM and electric validations) should define for the Supplier the retained requirements. Without Supplier proposal and PSA written agreement, this document is applied integrally.

Equipment is validated when it meets the test requirements on equipment or on vehicle. These tests on equipment should be carried out in an environment representing the operating mode on vehicle (system validation). Any project has an independent electric and ECM independent validation: A validation obtained on a vehicle project is not systematically renewable on another vehicle project. The general requirements relating to the electric and electronic equipment environment tests of the vehicles are listed in standard B21 7100.