ETS-Lindgren HI-2200 RF Survey Meter

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The ETS-Lindgren HI-2200 RF Survey Meter is a lightweight probe, easy to hold instrument for less accessible measurement locations such as towers and ladder access situations. A simple solution for basic RF safety measurements, the HI-2200 RF Survey Meter provides a compact measurement system, including interchangeable probes. The display module has easy to use Spatial and Temporal Averaging on a large LCD display. Additional features include Data Logging capability, User Selectable Readout Units, and Adjustable Alarm Threshold, and an RS-232 Data Interface.

Applications include broadcast, commercial radio, television, mobile communication, and health care facilities. The ETS-Lindgren HI-2200 also is invaluable in industrial applications: EMF employee exposure safety guidelines now exist in most countries, with the IEEE, ICNIRP, and national standards providing guidelines for worker RF exposure.