AeroVironment MT-30 Dual Channel Cycling Station for Modules

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Rent AeroVironment MT-30 Dual Channel Cycling Station for Modules
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AeroVironment MT-30
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MT-30 Datasheet
AeroVironment’s MT-30 is ideal for testing smaller applications such as battery modules, fuel stacks, partial modules and smaller components. This system provides an economical solution for a variety of testing needs while occupying a small footprint in the laboratory. All AV power cycling systems are equipped with a real-time clock on the system’s control board that enables measurement of Ah and kWh during cycling.
AeroVironment MT-30 Features
  • 99% Power Factor
  • Bidirectional Current and Power
  • Reverse Power Flow Returned to Grid
  • Dual Independently Controlled Channels
  • Automatic Shutdown on Loss of Power
  • Independent Channel Interlock
  • Load Disconnect Protection
  • Easy Front Panel Connections
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Set Each Channel Independently in Current, Voltage, Or Power Mode
  • Fully Programmable Computer Control
  • Analog Control Signal Capability
  • Remote Voltage Sensing Capability
  • Multiple User Interfaces: Manual, AV Remote Operating System (ROS), Windows DCOM Driver for LabView, Visual Basic, C++, Studio.NET, CAN
AeroVironment MT-30 Specs
Input Rating 3 Phase, 240Vrms (380Vrms, 400Vrms,
440Vrms, 480Vrms options)
Current 130Arms at 240Vrms (67Arms with
480V option)
Frequency 60Hz (50Hz optional)
Isolation Transformer Internal Transformer
Power Factor > 99%
Harmonic Distortion < 3% THD; IEEE 519 Compliant
Multiple User Interfaces Manual; Remote Operation System (ROS);
DCOM Driver for LabVIEW; C++ and Visual
Basic; CAN