GE DEH-233 Entellisys System Test Kit

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GE Panametrics DEH-233
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The GE DEH-233 Entellisys System Test Kit is a portable test instrument designed for field testing of the Entellisys Low Voltage Switchgear System.
GE Panametrics DEH-233 Features
  • Simulates power line characteristics for a single circuit breaker in the Entellisys Low Voltage System
  • Verifies the function/operation of the protection system
  • Overcurrent Protection Tests – Long Time, Short Time, Instantaneous and Ground Fault Protection Tests
  • Single Point Relay Protection Tests (Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Over Frequency, Under Frequency, Power Reversal and Phase Loss, High Current Test)
  • Verifies the calibration of the trip time current curve
  • Verifies the operation of the circuit breaker actuation in “Trip mode”
  • Performs tests without trips in “No Trip mode”
  • Ground Fault Defeat function provides temporarily suspension of all Ground Fault protection in the system
  • Automatically retrieves system configuration for increased productivity
  • Displays a summary of all protection configuration
  • Saves test results to be reviewed later
  • Windows Interface for ease of use
  • Operation from 120 Vac

The test kit Interface with the system is through the EntelliGuard™ Messenger protection unit. The interface consists of 7 analog and several digital channels representing actual power line characteristics. The signals are injected directly into the Messenger A/D converters. This tests the entire Entellisys System, excluding the CTs, the CT interface (burden resistors) inside the Messenger, and the PTs