GE Panametrics DF868-2-11 Liquid Flowmeter

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The GE Panametrics DF868-2-11 Liquid Flowmeter is a patented Correlation Transit-Time flowmeter. It provides a complete ultrasonic flow monitoring solution for fixed installations, with drift-free measurement in ultraclean and most "dirty" fluids. Fluids with some gas bubbles can be measured, along with entrained solids that previously required Doppler-style meters.

This ultrasonic liquid flowmeter uses economical non-intrusive flow measurement with hazardous area certification. Set up is simple, and suitable on a wide variety of pipe sizes or materials (including metal, plastic and concrete-lined pipes). There is a large, LCD backlit display which illustrates velocity, volumetric and energy flow rates, as well as totalized flow or trend data.

As an option, the GE Panametrics DF868 Liquid Flowmeter can also come as dual-channel or dual-path models that can be user-configured. This means that it can be set up to measure flow in two separate pipes with one meter - making the DF868 practical, versatile and cost-effective. The DF868 is also highly accurate, particularly as two sets of transducers can be installed onto the same pipe. This has the effect of reducing flow profile distortions, flow swirl and cross flow. Special small-pipe clamping fixtures can be used, with miniature transducers, to facilitate flow measurements on pipes from 0.5-2 inches. You can also add up to 12 isolated 4-20mA outputs, up to 6 hermetically sealed or standard alarm relays, and up to 12 frequency / totalizer outputs.