RH Systems 973-SF6 Analyzer

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RH Systems 973-SF6
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973-SF6 Datasheet
The RH Systems Model 973-SF6 Analyzer is designed for measurement of dew point (moisture content) and Sulfur-hexafluoride (SF6) purity via the chilled mirror technology. High accuracy minimizes costly reading mistakes and ensures consistent readings. SO2 measurement for decomposition product indication. Pump back feature ensures that no SF-6 Gas will be discharged into the atmosphere. Sample test hose and the most common DN8 and DN20 fittings are included with the device. Alternative fittings are available in a kit to suit almost any application.
RH Systems 973-SF6 Features
  • SF6 gas specific analyzer
  • Measurement of humidity: Dew/Frost Point, ppmv and ppmw
  • SF6 purity: %Vol. SF6
  • Optional SO2 measurement: ppmv concentration
  • Gas containment system with automatic pump back; No gas loss
  • Fundamental measuring principle
  • Dew/Frost Point results at SF6 compartment or standard pressure
  • Full color touch screen user interface
  • User verifiable calibration
  • Simple to set up, use and maintain
  • Easily transportable
  • Supplied complete with robust transport case
RH Systems 973-SF6 Specs
Measuring range:
Frost/Dew Point -55 ...+20°C at atmospheric pressure
Humidity content by volume 20 ...20,000 ppmv
Humidity content by weight 2.5 ...2500 ppmw
% Volume SF6 80 ...100%
Pressure 1.25 ...10 bar abs.
Frost/Dew point ±0.5°C
ppmv/ppmw ±6% of reading
% Volume SF6 ±0.5%
Pressure 0.2% FS
Frost/Dew Point ± 0.2°C
% Volume SF6 ± 0.3%
Pressure 0.1% FS
Thermoelectric Mirror cooling: 3-stage
Cooling: Air
Display: Active Matrix Color Graphic LCD
Digital I/O: RS-232
Gas couplings: Quick connect fitting
Mirror temperature sensor: PRT-100
Sample gas pressure: 1 ...30 bar
Sample gas flow rate: 0.5 ...1 l/min
Operation temperature: -10 ...+40°C
Storage temperature: -20 ...+50°C
Ambient humidity: 90% RH max., non condensing in operation
Voltage: 100...240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 200 Watt
Width: 440 mm (490 mm with transport case)
Height: 155 mm (360 mm with transport case
Depth: 410 mm (650 mm with transport case)
Weight: 15 kg (27 kg with transport case)