Xantrex XHR 100-6 DC Power Supply 100 V, 6 A, 600 W

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Rent Xantrex XHR 100-6 DC Power Supply 100 V, 6 A, 600 W
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Xantrex XHR 100-6
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Manual XHR 100-6 Datasheet
The Xantrex XHR 100-6 DC Power Supply 100 Volts, 6 Amps, 600 Watts provides low noise, precisely regulated, variable DC output. Typically it is used for bench and automated test equipment (ATE) applications which includes over voltage protection and thermal shutdown as standard features. Universal AC input allows you to use line voltages globally without resetting switches or adding options. Built-in power factor correction gives you full output power from low current/low voltage outlets, reduces power line interference, and allows you to meet international regulations.

You can select from several remote control choices for either analog or digital control. For analog control, choose from standard analog control or optional 4-channel isolated programming. Digital control options include RS-232 control or GPIB programming. You can use the power supply on your benchtop or rack mounted; each supply occupies less than 3- 1/2 in. (2 U) of vertical space. Whether you are powering batteries, development circuits, and magnet coils or running ATE systems, the power supply provides the precision and power that you need.
Xantrex XHR 100-6 Features
  • Thermal shutdown, latching or auto reset.
  • Front panel control of Over Voltage Protection (OVP).
  • Simultaneous digital display of both voltage and current.
  • Ten-turn front panel voltage and current controls for high resolution setting of the output voltage and current from zero to the rated output.
  • Automatic mode crossover into current or voltage mode.
  • Front panel push button control of output standby mode, and preview of voltage, current, or OVP set points. Front panel LED indicators for voltage and current mode operation, OVP, remote programming mode, and shutdown.
  • Multiple units can be connected in parallel or in series to provide increased current or voltage.