Haake A82 Temperature Bath / Recirculator

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Haake A82
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Haake A82 Haake A82
Haake A82
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A82 Datasheet

The Haake A82 Temperature Bath / Recirculator is a refrigerated bath and circulator with a built-in compressor cooling system which allows heating or cooling to constant temperatures in two modes of application.

  • To control the temperature of laboratory vessels or samples placed into the bath vessel of the A82
  • To control the temperature of instruments and apparatus which can be connected to the external, closed circuit of the circulator

The Haake A82 Temperature Bath / Recirculator operates at bath temperatures below 30°C with controlled heating against constant cooling.

This circulator features an electronic temperature control which automatically matches the heating energy to the bath proportionally to the heating requirement at any time. This gives simple operation combined with very good temperature control stability of the bath, even when the heating requirements vary during long periods of operation.

Haake A82 Specs
Working temperature range (°C) -40 to 150
Heater wattage (W) 1000
Cooling capacity at 20°C (W) 500
Cooling capacity at -10°C (W) 125
Pressure pump Max. pressure (mbar): 450
Max. flow rate (1/min): 25
Switching temperature of T (°C) 20 to 160
Bath depth (mm) 200
Filling capacity (1) 15 to 18
Net weight (kg) 35
Total wattage (W) 1700
Current (V/Hz) 115 ± 10%/60