High Voltage Inc. PFT-503CM 50kV Portable AC Hipot Tester

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High Voltage Inc. PFT-503CM 50kV Portable AC Hipot Tester
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High Voltage Inc. PFT-503CM
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PFT-503CM Datasheet
50kV Portable AC Hipot Tester
High Voltage Inc. PFT-503CM Features
  • Fully adjustable and can be used up to 3kVA rating with ease.
  • Features a dual-range kilo-voltmeter
  • Features a triple range current-meter
  • Unit has external safety interlock, zero start safety interlock.
  • Self resetting over current protection.
  • Guard/ground return modes.
  • HV on/off and main power push buttons.
  • Unit has Ruggedized meters.
High Voltage Inc. PFT-503CM Specs
120V 60Hz 15 amps
230V 50/60Hz 15 amps 8 amps
HV Output 0 to 50kVac 1kVA resistive load up to 3 kVA capacitive load, 60mA current
3 kVA 1/2 hours ON, 2 hours OFF
2 kVA 1 hour ON, 1 hour OFF
1 kVA continuous
Kilo-voltmeter 3.5" Scaled: 0 - 25/50 kVac ±2% full scale
3.5" Scaled 0 -1.0 mAac, ±2% full scale with range multipliers
Range multipliers x1, x10 and x100 up to 100mA
Distortion Less than 5%
Case Dimensions 534mm (W) x 286mm (D) x 387mm (H)
21" (H) x 11.25" (D) x 15.25" (H)
Weight 34kg (75 lbs)
Output Termination 20ft. (6m) shielded output cable with alligator clamp and hook for test connections.