Konica Minolta CR-300 Chroma Meter w/DP-301 Data Processor

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Konica Minolta CR-300 Chroma Meter w/DP-301 Data Processor
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Minolta CR-300
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CR-300 Datasheet

The Konica Minolta CR series Chroma Meters are compact, lightweight, portable tristimulus colorimeters for measuring reflected color and color difference in a wide range of industrial fields. Five different CR-300 series models are available to meet the needs of various applications. All CR-300 series models offer improved inter-instrument agreement to allow multiple units to be used for color control both within a company and between companies. The Chroma Meter CR-300 offers 8 mm measuring area and diffuse illumination/0° viewing geometry for a wide variety of applications.

The measuring head of the CR-300 uses diffuse illumination/0° viewing geometry (specular component included) to provide measurements of a wide variety of surfaces which correlate well with color as seen under diffuse lighting conditions. A pulsed xenon arc (PXA) lamp inside a mixing chamber provides diffuse, uniform lighting over the 8 mm diameter specimen area. Only the light reflected perpendicular to the specimen surface is collected by the optical-fiber cable for color analysis.
Minolta CR-300 Applications
  • Paint Industry: Paints for houses, automobiles, etc.; metal plating and coloring
  • Rubber/Plastic Industry: Raw materials, molded products
  • Printing Industry: Printed materials, such as catalogs, posters, etc.
  • Textile/dyeing industry: Color of dyed cloth of fibers, printed fabrics
  • Food industry: Processed foods; determining maturity levels of raw products
  • Ceramic Industry: Tiles, porcelain, pottery, glass, etc.