Comstron FS2000C-4 Signal Generator

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Comstron FS2000C-4 10 MHz - 4000 MHz Signal Generator
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Comstron FS2000C-4
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FS2000C-4 Datasheet
10 MHz - 4 GHz Signal Generator
Comstron FS2000C-4 Specs
Range 10 MHz to 4000 MHz (3999.999999 MHz)
Resolution 1.0 Hz standard
Reference Oscillator - Internal 10 MHz Quartz Oscillator
Frequency Switching Speed 1 µsec maximum: for any step-size between any two frequencies
Level +10 dBm
Leveling ±2 dB
Impedance 50 ohms
Digital Sweep
Sweep Modes Auto, Single
Sweep Functions: Sweep Speed Internal: 1 ms, 10 ms and 100 ms per step
External: synchronized variable to 700 µsec per step
Sweep Up
Sweep Dn
Sweep Up/Dn
No. of Steps selectable from 1 to 10,000 steps
Remote Programming Control
Interface Standard: BCD; IEEE-488-1978