FLIR T1K T1020 HD Thermal Imaging Camera

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Rent Flir T1K T1020 HD Thermal Imaging Camera
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FLIR Systems T1020
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T1020 Datasheet
The FLIR T1K T1020 is designed for the expert requiring the highest performance and the latest thermal imaging technology available. The camera combines excellent ergonomics and feature-rich flexibility with superior image quality of 1024 × 768 pixel IR resolution. High accuracy and sensitivity together with radiometric recording and streaming options make the T1020 well suited for advanced research and development. FLIR T1K 1020 HD cameras provide precise temperature measurement from wide angle to telephoto, the OSX™ Precision HDIR optical system allowing photographers to capture accurate measurements from 2x as far away. Continuous autofocus mode keeps pace with your movements, and the unique optical path eliminates error from heat sources outside your field of view. The detector possesses extraordinary sensitivity, enhanced by the processing power of UltraMax™, which quadruples the pixel count up to 3.1 MP. In addition to a sophisticated thermal imaging and analysis system, the FLIR T1K 1020 features compact design, responsive user interface, and instant report generation make your workday easier and more productive.
FLIR Systems T1020 Features
  • 1024 × 768 HD resolution, 786,432 pixels
  • Sensitivity of 0.02 °C
  • View and measure temperatures from -40 to 2000 °C (-40 to 3632 °F)
  • UltraMax doubles image resolution to 2048 x 1536
  • OSX Precision HDIR Lens gives greater accuracy with less noise
  • Accuracy of 1% in main range
  • Continuous auto focus plus dynamic manual focus
  • MSX Enhancement combines full infrared with visible light details
  • Wifi and Bluetooth for live streaming and capture to Apple and Android devices