FLIR T1020 Thermal Camera

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The FLIR T1020 Thermal Camera is an infrared imaging device that can capture 1024 × 768 pixel IR resolution pictures and videos with a 3.1 MP pixel count. The FLIR T1020 has temperature measurements that can detect heat down to below 20 mK. The OSX™ Precision HDIR optical system continuously autofocuses and allows for temperature recordings from wide-angle to telephoto, delivering crisp resolution even at long distances. The FLIR T1020 thermal camera is equipped with a 120° rotating optical block that also has a bright high-resolution LC viewfinder. This option enables the assurance that any intended target is readily viewable. Choose from either the FLIR T1020-28 or the FLIR T1020-45 thermal imaging camera lenses below.
FLIR T1020 Lens Options
FLIR T1020-28  28° 36mm - standard FOV lens
FLIR T1020-45    45°    21.2mm - 2x magnitude of standard lens