FLIR T640 Thermal Imaging Camera

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The FLIR T640 Thermal Imaging Camera is a high infrared resolution imaging device that captures pristine 640 x 480-pixel images, providing 307,200-pixel pictures for exceptional accuracy.

The T640 features readability for precise long-range temperatures measuring from -40°C to +2000°C and is optimized with testing for electrical and industrial applications around 1202°F/650°C. The high thermal sensitivity is capable of detecting 0.04˚C at 30˚C, allowing users to catch subtle temperature changes. FLIR T640 is suitable for multiple applications, such as hot fuses, internal winding problems, bearing problems, and heat loss. 

FLIR T640 Thermal Imaging Camera also offers a comprehensive report of image details. The T640 is equipped with 10 spot meters, 5 box arenas, Delta T temperature differential, above/below/interval isotherm, and auto hot/cold markers. With the new Wi-Fi Connectivity and large 4.3" LCD touch screen display, FLIR T640 thermal imaging camera makes it easy to navigate controls and manage data. In addition, FLIR T640 thermal imaging camera allows voice, text, sketch, and draw-direct annotation. 

The 8X continuous zoom is customizable with FLIR T640-15, FLIR T640-25 FLIR T640-45 lenses available, including the standard 25° and optional 15°, and 45° optics.
FLIR T640 Lens Options
FLIR T640-15    15° lens    41.3 mm
FLIR T640-25 25° lens 24.6 mm
FLIR T640-45 45° lens 13.1 mm