DSAM-6000B Digital Service Activation Meter

Rent Acterna JDSU DSAM-6000B Digital Service Activation Meter
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Viavi Solutions DSAM-6000
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DSAM-6000 Datasheet Accessory Kit
The DSAM-6000B Digital Service Activation Meter combines the high-level triple-play functions of other DSAM models with JDSU's patented Stealth Sweep™ technology to test and maintain both the downstream forward path and upstream return path.
  • Digital video, analog video, DOCSIS® IP testing, Sweep (optional) and PacketCable™ VoIP (optional) available in one meter
  • Forward sweep option allows sweeping of analog, digital, and DOCSIS carriers
  • Reverse sweep option available for the return path
  • Compatible with existing JDSU Stealth Sweep™ Systems, assuring non-interfering forward and reverse sweep operation compatible with today's digital carriers
  • TPP client-server software enables resource and staff management
Viavi Solutions DSAM-6000 Features
  • Packet loss, latency, jitter, and throughput measurement modes
  • 4 to 1000 MHz range; 8 MHz and 6 MHz models.
  • Rugged, lightweight—weighing less than 3 lb (1.4 kg)—design withstands rain, cold, heat, bumps, drops, and other accidental mishaps
  • Extensive help system linked to each meter function
  • Multiple language support
Viavi Solutions DSAM-6000 Applications
  • Reference analog and 64/256 QAM signal types eliminate subscriber sweep interference
  • Upstream and downstream verification with CMTS using DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS protocols. Includes DOCSIS/RF IP throughput and packet loss performance testing. VoIP test options available
  • Digital carrier performance with Quick QAM summary of MER/EVM and pre/post FEC BER.
  • PC configuration issues isolated via Web-access test through customer's cable modem; Ethernet IP throughput and packet loss tests performed.
  • Preconfigured automated tests for digital, analog, and DOCSIS channels
  • Optional Test Productivity Pack software provides browser interface over the DOCSIS RF link to operator's workforce management