Velonex 587P-P w/ V3050 Voltage and Current Surge Generator

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Velonex 587P-P w/ V3050 Voltage and Current Surge Generator
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Velonex 587P
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The Velonex V-3050 three-phase 25ARMS surge coupler/isolation network provides coupling and line isolation for three-phase powered equipment. The V-3050 allows for ten different modes of injection and polarity control from front panel switches. Testing can be conducted on equipment up to 277V at 25ARMS per phase and 480V phase-to-phase.
Velonex 587P Features
  • All three waveforms required by the ANSI/IEEE standard C62.41-1980 (formerly IEEE standard 587-1980) and IEC Publication 664-1980 for surge voltage testing in low-voltage AC power circuits on 120V/240V power lines
  • Oscillatory wave shape of 6kV amplitude with a current capability of 500A
  • Two exponential wave shapes are needed for impulse wave tests. A 6kVp voltage surge (open circuit) at 1.2 x 50µs, and a 3kAp current surge (short circuit) at 8 x 20µs
  • Surge selector switch, a power push button and 2 high-voltage push buttons
  • A front panel digital panel meter indicates peak voltage
  • Isolation Network
Velonex 587P Specs
Line Current Maximum line current to EUT is 20ARMS
Surge Voltage Up to 6kV
Surge Current Up to 3kA peak
AC Line Voltage to EUT 138 VRMS; 50/60 Hz
  • Provides surges on power lines up to 480 VRMS