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PIM Testing Equipment (Passive Intermodulation)

PIM testing or Passive Intermodulation testing discovers the source of PIM signals, which interfere with RF signal transmission and can have severe impact on cellular network performance. PIM is caused by loose contact between inconsistent metal surfaces channeling a current. The non-linear current relationship that develops, an imbalance between applied voltage and the current flow that results, generates PIM signals, which interact with RF transmissions by generating a multitude of new signals interfering with intentional RF signals. PIM testing equipment, also known as PIM analyzers or PIM testers, perform the immediate and accurate Distance-to-PIM tests, reporting the distance and magnitude of all PIM sources simultaneously.

Technicians in the telecommunications, aerospace and industrial power fields commonly rent PIM testing equipment to determine the source of network performance failure. PIM interference decreases cellular system capacity, reduces the rate of data transmission and leads to an increase in the risk of dropped calls. Modern systems like LTE, CDMA and MTS are especially vulnerable, and carriers like Verizon and AT&T have subsequently integrated PIM testing as an essential element of the telecom infrastructure. Companies and government agencies often seek out PIM testing devices which fulfill testing requirements like IEC 62037.

ATEC provides a wide array of portable PIM testers and analyzers with frequencies ranging from 800 to over 2,000 MHz. We offer models from leading manufacturers like Kaelus and Anritsu. Here is the list of all models available.

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Rent Kaelus iPA Series PIM Analyzer
The Kaelus iPA PIM Analyzer performs immediate and accurate Distance-to-PIM tests, informing you of the distance and magnitude of all PIM...
Rent Kaelus IQA Series PIM Analyzer
The Kaelus IQA Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzer is a feature-rich, high-power test system. The IQA PIM Test Set fulfills the IEC...