Chroma C8000 LED Power Driver Test System

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Rent Chroma C8000 LED Power Driver Test System
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Chroma C8000
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C8000 Datasheet
Chroma's C8000 ATE can test all the input and output conditions for LED Power Drivers consistently & accurately. Programmed routines for a variety of tests fully test the entire specifications for an LED Power Driver & can handle multiple measurements for multiple unit testing. With Chroma PowerPro III software the system is easy to program, and data collection for SPC requirements is built in to the software.

The Chroma C8000 ATS is equipped with optimized standard test items for LED driver testing (lighting & TV backlight). The user is only required to define the test conditions and specifications for the standard test items to perform the test.

The optimized test items cover 6 types of power supply test requirements. “Output Performances” verifies the output characteristics of the UUT. “Input Characteristics” check the UUT input parameters. “Regulations” test the stability of UUT under varying line-in and loading changes. “Timing & Transient” test the timing and transient states during protection. “Protection Tests” trigger and test the protection circuit, the “Special Tests” provide means to test the most sophisticated UUT’s when unique test routines are needed.
Chroma C8000 Features
Output Performances
  • Output voltage
  • Output current
  • Ripple Current (RMS & p-p)
  • Dimming Current
  • Dimming Frenquency
  • Dimming Duty
  • Efficiency
  • In-test adjustment

Regulation Tests
  • Current Regulation
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Total Regulation

Input Characteristics
  • Input Inrush Current
  • Input RMS Current
  • Input Peak Current
  • Input Power
  • Current Harmonics
  • Input Power Factor
  • Input Voltage Ramp
  • Input Freq.Ramp
  • AC Cycle Drop Out
  • PLD Simulation

Timing & Transient
  • Turn ON Time
  • Hold Up Time

Protection Tests
  • Short Circuit
  • OV Protection
  • OL Protection
  • OP Protection

Special Tests
  • GPIB Read/Write
  • RS232 Read/Write