FLIR K1 Thermal Imaging Camera

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The FLIR K1 is a thermal camera that built for firefighters, in a rugged, water-resistant design that has a high mode object temperature range of –10°C to 140°C (14°F to 284°F). The handheld FLIR K1 is an innovative thermal imaging camera that has five imaging modes: T1 basic, black & white, heat detection, fire, and search & rescue. The FLIR K1 is capable of 5.5 hours of radiometric thermal imaging. The pocket-portable thermal camera has 360-degree visibility in complete darkness and through the smoke. Built for the unpredictable element of firefighting, the FLIR K1 has up to 10,000 thermal/visual image sets, allowing quick assessment for any fire scene on a 2.4" backlit LCD screen. The FLIR K1's advanced heat visualization is ideal for firefighting, hazmat, and search-and-rescue operations.