Minolta/Land Cyclops 52 Infrared Thermometer

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Minolta/Land Cyclops 52 Infrared Thermometer
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Minolta Cyclops52
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Cyclops52 Datasheet
600-3000 Deg. C Infrared Thermometer
Minolta Cyclops52 Features
  • The Minolta-Land Cyclops 52 is a portable thermometer designed for temperature in the range 600 to 3000° C.
  • Temperature is displayed digitally.
  • Digital output is available over RS-232 communication.
  • Target is viewed simultaneously with the temperature display.
  • Wavelength of operation chosen to give maximum freedom from errors due to emissivity.
  • Emissivity compensation in range 0.1 to 1.0.
  • Three operational modes – Continuous, Peak, and Valley. In the last two the readings corresponds to the highest and lowest temperature respectively during the period of operation.
  • Response time 30 ms (Display 0.6 s).
  • Accuracy ±0.5% reading.
  • Wavelength of operation eliminates the effects of water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the effects of sunlight on temperature readings.
  • Three calculating modes – Maximum, Mean, or Minimum of a series of readings.