Laser Precision AM-4000 Fiber Optic Power Meter

Laser Precision AM-4000 Fiber Optic Power Meter
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Laser AM-4000
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Detector Matched dual germanium diodes
Wavelength Range 750 to 1800 nm
Maximum Fiber N.A. 0.3
Minimum Frequency of Optical Input Pulses 1 kHz
Minimum Duty Cycle of Optical Input Pulses 10%
Full Scale Ranges 9.999 mW
999.9 µW
99.99 µW
9.999 µW
999.9 nW
(-60 to +10 dBm, @ 1310 nm)
Noise Equivalent Power DC Mode: 1 nW
AC Mode: 0.1 nW
Narrowband Mode: 0.4 nW
Resolution Watts: 0.01 % f.s.
dBm, dBr: 0.01 dB
Outputs Available Toneout: 30 Hz to 3 KHz ± 1 V rms
Mixer Out: Synchronous mixer output signal
Sync Out: 30 Hz TTL level square wave for source modulation in synchronous AC mode
Direct Out: 0 to 10 V DC level proportional to power reading