Ludeca OPTALIGN Plus Series Laser Shaft Alignment Tools

Rent Ludeca OPTALIGN Plus Series Laser Shaft Alignment Tools
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The Ludeca OPTALIGN Plus Series Laser Shaft Alignment Tools have well aligned couplings that reduce bearing and seal damage, minimize energy loss, and reduce production down- time. OPTALIGN® PLUS Series offers both precision alignment and timesaving convenience of laser based systems. It gives you the benefits of a dynamic laser shaft alignment system without stretching the  budget.

OPTALIGN® PLUS Series is a concept that allows you to design your own device by acquiring the exact features you need. The default entry level has the features necessary for standard horizontal shaft alignment. As job demands grow, additional user benefits can be purchased, enhancing capabilities at any time.


  • Aligns horizontal machines
  • Automatic continous sweep mode
  • Measures soft foot and stores the results
  • Horizontal & vertical 'Live Move' at any 45° position
  • Overcomes shaft rotation restrictions
  • Static measure mode
  • For coupled and uncoupled shafts
  • Unaffected by backlash
  • Variable  averaging  and deviation band
  • Measurement files are reusable and can be edited
  • Save up to 10 measurement files
  • Print reports directly or use the printing software
  • Resume recalls the last file if it was not saved
  • Main and reserve battery
  • UniBeam®  enables quick laser beam adjustment
  • Simple 3-key operation
  • Only one cable to connect! Eliminates tangling! 
  • Pre-assembled brackets for  quick  mounting
  • Rugged and robust con- trol unit resists shock
  • Industrial-strength water- resistant housings

  • TolChek® determines alignment condition
  • Static feet handles movement restrictions 
  • Ability to enter targets and thermal growth
  • Multipoint mode -at any selected positions  
  • Select spacer shaft 
  • InfiniRange® extends measurement range 
  • Determine alignment condition of 6-foot machines
  • Vertical machine alignment
  • Save up to 25 measurement files
  • Save up to 99 measurement files
  • Acquire all the above features in one package
  • Straightness (with optional brackets)
  • Measure Positional Change (with optional M3 bracket)
  • Alignment of cardan shafts with tolerances (with optional cardan bracket)