Ludeca ROTALIGN Ultra iS Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

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Rent Ludeca ROTALIGN Ultra iS Laser Shaft Alignment Tool
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Ludeca ROTALIGN Ultra iS
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ROTALIGN Ultra iS Datasheet
The Ludeca ROTALIGN Ultra iS Laser Shaft Alignment Tool is a high performance user-friendly system features a stunning backlit full VGA sun readable TFT colour screen. The system possesses a sealed alphanumeric keyboard, a heavy-duty rechargeable Li-Ion battery and integrates wireless data communication.
Ludeca ROTALIGN Ultra iS Features
  • Patented automatic Continuous IntelliSWEEP mode - Start and stop at any position!
  • SENSALIGN sensors with built-in Bluetooth® technology
  • Built-in automatic TolChek® Tolerance Evaluation.
  • 'Soft Foot Wizard’ that not only measures your soft foot condition but analyzes it and suggests a solution!
  • Unique under- and over-constrained alignment centerline capabilities
  • Bolt-bound made easy! Any combination of fixed feet is possible, even just one!
  • Optimum Moves and Optimized Centerlines. Fully optimized centerlines with all feet to be moved the minimum possible.
  • 'Move Simulator' allows the user to simulate and experiment with different corrective solutions when the suggested corrections for perfect alignment are impractical or impossible.
  • Horizontal & Vertical ‘Live Move’ at any sensor position
  • Thermal growth and target specification calculation.
  • Machine train alignment of up to 14 machines (up to 6 machines for Lite system) complete with specified tolerances, targets, machine names and icons for each machine.
  • Customized template capabilities
  • Alignment of Spacer Shafts with Tolerances
  • Alignment of Cardan Shafts with Tolerances (requires optional cardan bracket)
  • Check vibration overall levels (Advanced system only)
  • Upgradable via memory stick.
  • “On-Screen” user guidance and full interactive help texts and menus.
  • Free PC Display Software for training of large group
  • Print PDF reports to memory stick.