Matsushita LM300 NAIS Laser Sensor

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Matsushita LM300 NAIS Laser Sensor
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Matsushita LM300 NAIS Laser Sensor Matsushita LM300 NAIS Laser Sensor
Matsushita LM300
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LM300 Datasheet
NAIS Laser Analog Sensor
Matsushita LM300 Features
  • Uses optical triangulation principle and area reflective method of detection; infrared or visible red LED light source; for narrow range, ultra-high resolution, and high speed application requirements
  • Sensing ranges of 27 to 33, and 44 to 56 millimeters; all models have a rugged die-cast sensor housing rated IP67
  • Laser controller includes functions for cross-talk prevention, data display and hold, automatic sensitivity adjustment, auto zero set, measurement speed, zero offset, field calibration, dark cut level, and serial communication through an RS232C port (300 19200 baud)
  • Ultra-high resolution of 0.2 or 0.4 micrometers (.000008 to .000016 inches)
  • Operating voltage 100 to 240 VAC
  • Control outputs: Alarm (transistor, NPN) rating 100 milliamps @ 30 VDC one each for beam intensity, measurable range (far, near), limits (high, low); Intensity output 0 to 5 VDC; Displacement output ± 3 VDCI ± 3 millimeters or ± 3 VDCI ± 6 millimeters, high speed displacement output response time 100 microseconds (sampling frequency to 50 kHz)
Matsushita LM300 Specs
Measurable Range: 27 - 33 mm
Resolution: 0.3 um
Response Time: 0.1 ms
Output Voltage: ±3V
Power Supply: 120Vac Power
Environment: IP67 Head, 2 Heads