Photodyne 16XTB Fiber Optic Power Meter

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The Photodyne 16XTB fiber optic power and attenuation meter, is capable of handling any wavelength and any fiber or connector type. The 16XTB can measure both high transmission levels and low receive levels, and will measure in dBm, Watt, or dB units . The 16XTB has analog outputs and tone outputs. It has 0 .01 dB or dBm measurement resolution, as well as infinite hold time on dB reference levels.

The unique performance of the 16XTB is achieved by a totally new design, including: custom microcomputer, custom LCD display, custom membrane keypad and custom case. The microcomputer and associated electronics achieve new accuracy and resolution levels by taking in all power level data, in six autoranging linear scales, and then mathematically converting to the measurement units desired: dBm, dB or Watt. Cal factors for optical wavelength are automatically accounted for, and the wavelength is displayed as well as power level. The super rugged custom case is constructed of polyurethane foam molded over a metal frame.