SPAA05 NEX Antenna Alignment Tool

Rent SPAA05 NEX Antenna Alignment Tool
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The SPAA05-NEX is the tool for antenna optimization. The tool is easy to mount and features reliable and smart measuring software. The GPS module on board gives a very accurate azimuth (up to 0.5° accuracy), which it communicates to our PDA software. With our software, you can read out antenna heading, measure and save results. Our special encryption tool gives you the ability to prove that the measurements are authentic.


  • Easy to mount, with an on-board GPS system and easy-to-use measuring software.
  • Real-time measuring of antenna bearing, with an accuracy of up to 0.5° rms, within 2 minutes after switching on the system.
  • Doesn’t suffer from interference from neighbouring antennas.
  • Compatible with a wide range of our accessories, like our antenna tiltsensor.