Wild M3 Series Dual-Station Zoom Stereomicroscope

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Wild M3 Series Dual-Station Zoom Stereomicroscope
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Wild Heerbrugg M3 Series
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M3 Series Datasheet
800X Dual-Station Zoom Stereoscope
Wild Heerbrugg M3 Series Features
  • Two people see the same erect, laterally correct stereoscopic image at the same time
  • Wide-field eyepieces ensure that both persons have excellent viewing conditions
  • The interpupillary distance and the dioptric correction can be independently set for each observer
  • The universal stand offers stability and plenty of working space
Wild Heerbrugg M3 Series Specs
Eyepieces 20X / 13
Three-step magnification changer 6.4X, 16X, 40X
Stage 6" x 6"
Movement Y - 3", X - 2"
Base 20 ½" wide x 13 ½" deep