Adash A4500T VA5Pro Vibration Analyzer

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The Adash A4500T VA5Pro Vibration Analyzer allows the user to measure more measurement types synchronously. The analyzer comes with an ultrasound microphone for advanced audible leak detection to aid its thermal imaging camera. The Adash A4500T is an 8-channel signal analyzer with 4 AC inputs for vibration measurement and 4 DC inputs for process values measurement. The large touchscreen provides enough room to fit all the needed information being used simultaneously. This vibration analyzer is triaxial sensor friendly and has proximity probes for displacement measurement ready at all times.

The Adash A4500T can analyze various kinds of machinery on-site through its touchscreen. The user can measure 4 vibration signal channels and 4 process value channels along with speed synchronously. This is made possible due to the VA5Pro technology that powers the device. Furthermore, the 20dB ultrasound microphone picks up the feintest of leaks and the thermal imaging camera helps in situations where the target is not perfectly visible, particularly during the nighttime.