ENI/E&I 350L Broadband Power Amplifier 120 kHz - 120 MHz, 50 Watts

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ENI/E&I 350L Broadband Power Amplifier
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E&I (formerly ENI) 350L
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350L Datasheet
The ENI / E&I 350L is an all solid state amplifier which has a flat frequency response from 250 kHz to 105 MHz. It provides 50 watts of linear power with low harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Gain is 50 dB nominal, with a variation of less than +1.5 dB over the entire frequency range. Input and output impedance are 50 Ω and the unit may be driven to full power output by most RF synthesizers, signal generators and swept signal sources.
E&I (formerly ENI) 350L Specs
Frequency Coverage 120 kHz to 120 MHz
Gain 50 dB nominal
Gain Variation ±1.5 dB from 250 kHz to 105 MHz
Maw Power Output From 120 kHz to 250 kHz: 25 Watts
From 250 kHz to 105 MHz: 50 Watts
From 105 MHz to 120 MHz: 25 Watts
Harmonic Distortion 25 dB or more
Second Order Distortion more than 30 dB down, at full output
Typical Third Order Intermodulation Intercept Point +56 dBM
Impedance 50 Ω
Noise Figure less than 10 dB