ENI/E&I 350L Broadband Power Amplifier 120 kHz - 120 MHz, 50 Watts

ENI/E&I 350L Broadband Power Amplifier
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E&I (formerly ENI) 350L
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The ENI / E&I 350L is an all solid state amplifier which has a flat frequency response from 250 kHz to 105 MHz. It provides 50 watts of linear power with low harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Gain is 50 dB nominal, with a variation of less than +1.5 dB over the entire frequency range. Input and output impedance are 50 Ω and the unit may be driven to full power output by most RF synthesizers, signal generators and swept signal sources.



Frequency Coverage 120 kHz to 120 MHz
Gain 50 dB nominal
Gain Variation ±1.5 dB from 250 kHz to 105 MHz
Maw Power Output From 120 kHz to 250 kHz: 25 Watts
From 250 kHz to 105 MHz: 50 Watts
From 105 MHz to 120 MHz: 25 Watts
Harmonic Distortion 25 dB or more
Second Order Distortion more than 30 dB down, at full output
Typical Third Order Intermodulation Intercept Point +56 dBM
Impedance 50 Ω
Noise Figure less than 10 dB