Met One A2408 Airborne Particle Counter

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Met One A2408
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A2408 Datasheet
The Met One A2408 Airborne Particle Counter is a reliable and easy-to-operate workhorse. A quiet, carbon-free pump provides steady vacuum power at 1.0 cfm (28.3 lpm). The built-in printer allows either immediate or delayed printing of results. Or, using Particle Vision™ PortAll™ software, data can be downloaded at the operator’s convenience from the 400-record buffer and displayed graphically or as a table in the built-in spreadsheet.

The bright LED display makes reading the data easy and error-free. The display shows particle counts in either cumulative or differential modes, as well as the values from the optional probes for Humidity, Temperature and Air Velocity. If your task includes scanning filters, these counters can be ordered with a fan-shaped filter-scanning probe that makes this task go more quickly and accurately. The electronic version provides an audible and visual signal at the probe to help detect filter leaks.

For a fixed system, the A2408 Particle Counter can be coupled with the Model 2432 manifold, allowing sequential sampling of up to 32 sample points. This combination can be an independent system or part of a computer-based FMS system. If you need sensitivity at 0.3 micron, the A2408 Particle Counter offers reliability, versatility and ease-of operation in a lightweight package.
Met One A2408 Features
  • 0.5 micron at 1.0 cfm
  • Up to 6 particle size channels
  • Fed-Std-209E calculations on all sizes simultaneously
  • Memory for 400 count cycles of data
  • Base sensitivity: 0.5 micron
Met One A2408 Applications
  • Monitor and verify cleanrooms
  • Test filters in place
  • Track down particle sources
  • Monitor:
    • Laminar Air Flow cabinets
    • Paint spray booths
    • Food Processing Areas
    • Hospital: Pharmacy and surgery
    • HVAC systems
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Aerospace Assembly
    • Medical Device Assembly
    • Cleanroom Laundries