Vibration Chambers

Commonly used within the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries, vibration chambers are used for testing products to determine their ability to withstand shaking or vibration. This equipment is also effective for fitting more material into smaller containers, shipping a product(s) with less air, and reducing overflow and spillover waste at filling stations.

Vibration chambers available for rent from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals are able to supply ideal working platforms for vibration-sensitive products, like microscopes, interferometers, and balances – all of which show dramatic improvement in repeatability and resolution when removed from disturbances caused by floor motion. Vibration tables help test the reliability of these products, as well as compact electronics, without being compromised by vertical or horizontal motion outside the testing space.

Vibration tables offer an effective, durable method for testing products or consolidating materials. Whether you’re searching for a solution to your testing needs or want to settle materials for shipping, ATEC has the right vibration table available for rent. Browse our inventory from leading manufacturers like Cincinnati, Newport, and others.
Cincinnati Sub-Zero Cincinnati Sub-Zero TCB-1.3 Benchtop Vibration Table

The Cincinnati Sub-Zero TCB-1.3 Benchtop Vibration Table is ideal for reliability testing of...

Mechanical Technology Mechanical Tech 7382 Vibration Shakers/Impact

30" x 30" Vibration Table

Newport Newport VW-3636-OPT-714010 Vibration Isolation Table

The Newport VW-3636-OPT-714010 Vibration Isolation Table provides an ideal working platform for...

Vibco Vibrators Vibco Vibrators US-900-RD-24 x 24 Vibrating Table

VIBCO’s test tables result in savings on manufacturing costs, increased product reliability...