AE Techron 7220 DC-enabled Linear Power Amplifier Series

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AE Techron 7220 DC-Enabled Linear Power Amplifiers are single-channel linear amplifiers designed for use in demanding applications requiring low noise, low distortion, and accurate power amplification. The 7220 series products are built and tested to the most stringent quality standards for long life and outstanding performance—precise power amplifiers designed specifically for industrial applications and testing.

7220 Series models operate in either voltage or current mode, and can be configured by the customer for specific applications: high voltage/low-current, medium voltage and current, or low-voltage/high. They provide very low noise and fast slew rates, and can safely drive a wide range of resistive, inductive loads. The 7224, 7226 and 7228 models are typically used to create waveforms found in EMC requirements like the DO-160, MIL STD 461, and IEC 61000-4-16 standards.

The 7220 series units are best utilized in conjunction with a signal generator such as the AE Techron 3110. Together, the two devices simultaneously produce both the DC voltage needed to drive the DUT and the high-frequency (AC ripple) conducted interference waveform required for cranking tests. They can also be used to perform surge and dropout tests found in many automotive standards, like GMW3172-07, ISO 7637-2, and SAE J1113/2.

When used with AE Techron's T-Series coupling transformers (T1000, T2000 and T3700), 7220-Series amplifiers are ideal for use in the low-voltage conducted or radiated immunity tests needed for Aviation Industry Standards like DO 160 (Section 18 and 19), MIL STD 461/462 (CS101 and RS101), Airbus and Boeing audio bandwidth electrical and magnetic tests. 

The AE Techron 7220 DC-Enabled Linear Power Amplifier Series includes the AE Techron 7224, AE Techron 7226, and AE Techron 7228 models.