Rod-L M300RT Insulation Resistance Test Instrument

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Rod-L M300RT Insulation Resistance Test Instrument
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Rod-L M300RT
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M300RT Datasheet
0.5 kVDC Hipot Tester
Rod-L M300RT Features
  • Performs DC insulation resistance test - detects up to 4000 megaohms at 500 VDC
  • Test in compliance with UL, VDE, IDE, and MIL STD 202 test standards


Production/Quality Assurance Testing
  • Fully automatic test cycle
  • Detects and indicates the following:
    • Test Ready (security chassis ground sensed)
    • Test in Progress
    • Test Passed
    • Test Failed
  • Following test parameters easily preset via rear:
    • Voltage ramp
    • Test time
    • Insulation resistance trip point
  • Switch-selectable ramp and test time combinations
  • Arc detection circuit
  • Solid state control circuitry for 2 millisecond shut down


Superior Safety Features
  • Shutdown within 2 milliseconds after insulation breakdown, or low insulation resistance
  • Electronically controlled output voltage ramp rate circuit guarantees consistently smooth ramp
  • Visual (audible optional) indication of high voltage applied to DUT
  • Visual and audible indication of insulation breakdown or low insulation resistance