TSI ChemLite Plus 4240 Laser Metals Analyzer

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TSI ChemLite Plus 4240 Laser Metals Analyzer
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TSI ChemLite Plus 4240
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ChemLite Plus 4240 Datasheet
The TSI ChemLite Plus 4240 Laser Metals Analyzer is a handheld alloy analysis device with the power to test nickel, copper, iron, titanium, magnesium and aluminum samples in a single second. TSI ChemLite Plus 4240 units measure a sample size of 200 nm, 16 times higher than similar metal analysis devices, and screens for contaminating elements down to 1 PPM. To detect contaminants like Beryllium and Lithium, TRAMP detection is in place, ensuring metal and alloy purity. These analyzers are essential tools for technicians seeking a sophisticated metals measurement device for PMI, QC and scrap sorting applications. For safety, the unit utilizes a Class 1M laser, which mitigates the risk of danger to an operator's eyes. A sleek, 5" touchscreen interface acts as the device's display, and the TSI ChemLite Plus 4240 comes with a built-in cleaning mode for ease and efficiency.
TSI ChemLite Plus 4240 Features
  • Alloy tester device capable of measuring elements like iron, copper, and nickel
  • Quick variable measurements occuring in 1, 2 or 3 second intervals
  • More precise analysis with detection limits as low as 0.001%
  • Detects lithium in aluminum at 0.0001% or 1 ppm
  • Detects beryllium in aluminum at 0.0001% or 1 ppm
  • Detects beryllium in copper at 0.001% or 10 ppm
  • Class 1M laser
  • 5" color touchscreen display
  • Argon-free operation
  • Rugged, ergonomic design
TSI ChemLite Plus 4240 Applications
  • Light metals analysis
  • Aluminum analysis 
  • Magnesium analysis
  • Titanium analysis 
  • Copper sorting and analysis 
  • Alloy identification
  • Alloy chemistry 
  • Incoming scrap material identification
  • Quality control
  • Scrap metal recycling 
  • Positive material identification 
  • Alloy sorting