Aeroflex RDL NTS-1000B 10 Hz - 1 MHz Phase Noise Analyzer

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Rent Aeroflex RDL NTS-1000B 10 Hz - 1 MHz Phase Noise Analyzer
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Rent Aeroflex RDL NTS-1000B 10 Hz - 1 MHz Phase Noise Analyzer Rent Aeroflex RDL NTS-1000B 10 Hz - 1 MHz Phase Noise Analyzer Rent Aeroflex RDL NTS-1000B 10 Hz - 1 MHz Phase Noise Analyzer
Aeroflex (IFR) NTS-1000B
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NTS-1000B Datasheet
The Aeroflex RDL NTS-1000B Phase Noise Analyzer uses the proven “delay-line discriminator” measurement technique to accurately measure Phase Noise at offsets between 10 Hz and 1 MHz. The NTS-1000B performs a precise calibration at the measured frequency before every measurement to insure measurement accuracy.

When paired with Aeroflex RDL DCR-2500A Downconverter, the NTS-1000B provides unique measurement capabilities that are not available from other suppliers. The ability of the NTS-1000B to measure unlocked sources, in seconds, combined with the very low phase noise in the DCR-2500A Downconverter extends the measurement of phase noise from the lab into the factory.

The NTS-1000B Phase Noise Analyzer is a unique instrument that, for the first time, allows phase noise testing of every part. An FFT digital signal processor and vibration-hardened delay line are contained inside the unit. No external signal generator or outside computer are required.

Measurements are made by simply pushing the “start measurement” button or sending an IEEE bus command. No special training or skills are required to operate the NTS-1000B. Phase locking is not required. Automatic “pass/fail” analysis of phase noise levels and spurious levels is provided. These levels are user defined and the results can be reported over the IEEE-488 bus.

The “measurement range” and “number of FFT averages” are selectable by the user to optimize measurement time. The NTS-1000B only measures in the selected range to minimize the measurement time. In production applications, where extremely fast measurements are needed, the NTS-1000B can measure and report the results in less than 2 seconds. Typical measurement time for a full range measurement, 10 Hz to 1 MHz, with 100 FFT averages, is only 30 seconds, including an automatic calibration.
Aeroflex (IFR) NTS-1000B Specs
Frequency Range: 50 to 1100 MHz
Frequency counter resolution: 100 kHz
RF Input Level: -20 to +10 dBm
Spectral Analysis: FFT; Hanning
Measurement Accuracy: ±2 dB
Calibration: Automatic, before every measurement.
Analysis Range: 10 Hz to 1 MHz in 3 bands
Measurement Speed, includes calibration: 10 Averages: ~10 sec. (full analysis range)
100 Averages: ~30 sec. (full analysis range)
Under remote control: <1.2 sec. (1 kHz to 100 kHz analysis range)
Input Frequency Stability: ±20 kHz during measurement  
(measurement time is a function of which analysis band(s) are selected and number of FFT averages selected)
Averaging: Selectable 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 averages
Pass/Fail Analysis: User defined limits for noise analysis.
Spurious Identification & Analysis: User defined limits and analysis criteria.
Integrated Noise Analysis: Computes integrated noise (dBc SSB) over user defined range(s).