Associated Research MedTEST Medical Safety Test System

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The Associated Research MedTEST Medical Safety Test System has been replaced by newer models.

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MedTEST provides advanced test functionality while increasing efficiency for medical device manufacturers.

It compiles with test requirements called out in common medical electrical safety specifications such as UL2601, UL60601-1, IEC601-1, IEC60601-1, EN60601-1 and more. It performs patient lead testing on medical devices and also includes a continuous run feature. This feature can offer significant time saving as the Device Under Test (DUT) does not need to be powered down and up to perform the multiple leakage tests, even in reverse polarity conditions.

MedTEST can accommodate several types of tests including hipot, ground bond and various line leakage tests. MedTEST provides all this without requiring the test operator to disconnect and reconnect test leads to perform the different tests.

MedTEST is setup to run with our Autoware software which enables the user to have complete computer control of the test system. Our Autoware software allows for the test system to be remotely programmed and set-up. It provides programmable memories and steps which can be saved and recalled resulting in more efficient testing. Complete data capture is also possible with our Autoware solution. Test results can be viewed statistically, exported for database archiving, or even directly sent to a print file. MedTEST is available w/ a choice of USB/RS-232, Ethernet or GPIB interface.

MedTEST can be custom configured to meet almost any application. With our SC6540 Modular Scanner as part of the system, manufacturers can perform patient lead tests on virtually endless amount of points. With its advanced functionality and low price point, MedTEST is the most cost-effective solution on the market!