Commtest VB7 Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer

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Rent Commtest VB7 Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer
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Commtest VB7
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Specifications Accessory Kit
The Commtest VB7 Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer offers the power and convenience of dual-channel measurement and dual-plane balancing. Its balancing functions enable quick diagnosis and correction of dynamic unbalance, the most common form of unbalance. The VB7 Vibration Analyzer's combination of accuracy, intuitive operation, ease of use, and outstanding storage capacity ensures the instrument delivers a premium return on investment. The Commtest VB7 includes the powerful, award-winning Ascent® software.

Ascent® Level 2 enables you to program your instrument with thousands of separate machine definitions, covering a number of route choices. A library of over 300 customizable parameter sets is also available, enabling a vast array of measurement options.
Commtest VB7 Features
  • Route enabled - Build routes in Ascent® and send these to your instrument
  • CBDb - Commtest Bearing Database with over 30,000 bearings
  • Waveform analysis tools - Perfect for power users
  • Technical Associates Proven Method – for effortless setup of measurements and alarm levels
  • 2-channel simultaneous recordings
  • Wide measurement range - 1,000 g, 25,000 mm/s, 2,500mm
  • 2 plane balancing
  • Unique Commtest 6Pack™ recording system
  • ≥ 95 dB dynamic range
  • 6 400 lines FFT resolution
  • 40 kHz Fmax
  • 1 GB memory – Virtually unlimited spectra and waveform storage
  • Laser speed sensor for automatic capture of machine running speed
  • Keyphasor® tach mode
  • Option to add Flex features
Commtest VB7 Accessories
Our Testing Kit Includes:
  • COMM-CBCC0027 | BNC adapter cable
  • COMM-CBVB0032 | Carry Case
  • GENE-12V-3.0A | Power supply
  • GENE-PC-10A/125V | Power Cord
  • GENE-CAR-ADAPT01 | Car Charger for cigarette lighter
  • GENE-USB | USB Cable, Type A to Type B, 6'
  • COMM-NSSK0275 | Neck Strap with Sensor Keeper
  • COMM-BATT0206 | Battery Pack (installed)
  • COMM-VB7-COIL-CBL01 | Accelometer Coiled Cable
  • COMM-MVBX0250 | vbSeries Instrument Reference Guide
  • COMM-VB7-QSG01 | Quick Start Guide
  • COMM-VB*-CD01 | Implementation Success Training CD
  • WILC-780A-IS-NR | Accelerometer +5% tolerance and a broad 3dB frequency response from 0.4 Hz to 14 kHz
  • COMM-VB7-MBS01 | Magnetic Base with Adjustable Stand
  • COMM-L766 | Tachometer Extension Cable, 5 meter
  • COMM-CB5R0025 | BNC Extension Cable, 5 meter (red)
  • COMM-VB-CASE02 | Accessory Bag
  • COMM-LASA0315 | Laser tachometer
  • COMM-CB5G0024 | BNC Extension Cable, 5 meter (green)
  • DELL-LATITUDE-D620 | 2GB RAM, RS232 Interface, Windows XP Pro Laptop Computer
  • DELL-AA22850 | 65W AC/DC Adapter 19.5V 3.34A Output w/F2951 Power Cord
  • COMM-VB-R-TAPE01 | Reflective Tape
  • COMM-VB*-CD02 | Ascent Reference Guide CD
  • COMM-MAGM0064 | Accelometer Magnetic Base, Male