Varian VZM6990K1 TWT Amplifier

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Varian VZM6990K1 8 GHz -18 GHz, 10 Watt TWT Amplifier
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CPI (Varian) 6900K Series
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6900K Series Datasheet
Microwave TWT Amplifiers
CPI (Varian) 6900K Series Specs
Power 10 Watts
Frequency 8.0 GHz to 18.0 GHz
Gain 40 dB
O/P Conn. N
Impedance 50 ohms nominal
VSWR Input: 2.0:1 typical
Output: 2.0:1 typical
Load 1.3:1 max. for full spec compliance. 2.0:1 mas for no damage
Noise & Spurious -50 dBc typical excluding harmonics and residual modulation
Residual AM -40 dBc
Residual FM Less than 4 kHz peak-to-peak in any 5 MHz band
AM/PM Conversion 2.5 /dB typical at 6 dB below rated output
Noise Figure 35 dB max. for L-Band and above
Harmonic Content -3 dBc at lower band edge decreasing to -15 dBc (typical) at upper band edge without optional harmonic filter. -20 dBc for P-Band models
Dimension 3.5 x 19 x 19.25 inches L-Band and above 7 x 19 x 18.1 inches P-band models