Extech HDV600 High Definition VideoScope Series

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Extech Instruments HDV600
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The Extech HDV600 High Definition VideoScopes are designed for use in practically any environment, these rugged, waterproof and drop-proof industrial videoscopes deliver images and video with remarkable sharpness and clarity.

The HDV600's narrow diameter cameras deliver high image resolution to its 5.7” high definition color LCD monitor. Store both images and video on SD memory card, and choose from a range of camera probes to fit your application. Probes come in a an array of sizes to fit your application and are available wireless or wired . Some probes are equipped with 240° articulating tip.
  • HDV610 VideoScope with 5.5mm diameter flexible probe (1m length)
  • HDV620 VideoScope with 5.8mm diameter semi-rigid probe (1m length)
  • HDV640 VideoScope, wired handset & 6mm diameter semi-rigid articulated (240°) probe
  • HDV640W VideoScope, wireless handset & 6mm diameter semi-rigid articulated (240°) probe
  • Scope probes connected to videoscope main unit
  • Wired handset scope probes (also available separately)
  • Wireless handset scope probes for inspections up to 10m away (also available separately)
  • Articulating handset probes (wired and wireless models available)
  • Semi-rigid, fl exible, and long-length scopes available
  • Scope lengths range from 1m to 30m
  • 4-25mm diameter optics including macro and long focal length options
Extech Instruments HDV600 Features
  • 640 x 480 VGA pixel resolution
  • Macro & long focal length optics available
  • Easy-to-transfer SD card
  • 15,000 JPEG images
  • Up to 4 hours AVI video
  • 30 fps frame rate (NTSC & PAL)
  • Audio annotation