Fluke 9132 Portable Infrared Calibrator

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The Fluke 9132 Portable IR Calibrator can be used to calibrate point IR thermometers on a bench top or as a portable instrument. The Fluke 9132 is precise and portable, allowing for easy operation in the lab and out in the field. The range of temperatures that are acceptable for calibrations within 1932 is 50°C to 500°C (122°F to 932°F). The 9132's temperature display and stability resolution is 0.1 degrees. The 9132 controller accurately controls the temperature. The controller uses a precision platinum RTD as a sensor and controls the well temperature with a solid state relay (Triac) driven heater. The temperature is continuously displayed on the 1932 LED front panel. The control buttons make it simple to adjust the temperature to any desired setting within the given range. The instrument's numerous fault protection mechanisms ensure the safety and protection of both the operator and the instrument.