TestEquity 1027S Temperature Chamber

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The TestEquity 1027S Temperature Chamber allows up to 256 steps to be programmed into as many as 40 namable profiles, which are stored in non-volatile memory. The guided stages and context-sensitive information key make profile programming quick and simple. Information about programming, setup, operation, and help is shown on a four-line backlit LCD. A condensate drain connector is located on the back of the chamber of the 1027S. This gives a mechanism to get rid of any condensate that may build up in the chamber while cycling between low and high temperatures or while the refrigeration system is operating to keep temperatures in the middle range. Refrigeration compressor control is provided by internal logic for quick and dependable operation.

The 1027S has two alarms and seven event outputs that are included to operate remote devices. By using 1027S refrigeration units, workplace temperatures as low as -35°C can be achieved. This is suitable within the capabilities of the equipment for a variety of commercial and industrial testing, which frequently calls for low temperatures of 0°C, -10°C, or -25°C. A single compressor is used in a one-stage system to directly chill the workspace. These advantages over comparable-sized cascade systems are provided by single-stage systems. Additionally, an RS-232C connection is supported. Options include GPIB, Ethernet, and analog retransmit.