TestEquity 1027S Temperature Chamber

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TestEquity Environmental Chambers 1027S
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TestEquity 1027S refrigeration systems are capable of achieving workspace temperatures down to -35°C. This is fine for many commercial and industrial tests that require low temperatures of typically 0°C, -10°C or -25°C. A single-stage system uses one compressor to directly cool the workspace. Single-stage systems offer these benefits over similarly-sized cascade systems:
  • Faster cooling rates.
  • Higher live-load capacity.
  • Quieter operation, more energy efficient (one compressor instead of two).
  • Higher anticipated reliability and lower cost of maintenance over the life of the chamber.
TestEquity Environmental Chambers 1027S Features
  • -35°C to +175°C Temperature Range (opt. to +205°C)
  • 27 Cu Ft Workspace, 40 W x 32 H x 36.5 D (765 liters)
  • Choice of Original F4 Controller or Optional F4T Touch Screen Controller
  • High/Low Limit Control and Alarm
  • Viewing Window & Interior Light
  • 4" Access Ports on Left & Right Side
  • Non-CFC Single-Stage Refrigeration
  • Scroll Compressors for Quiet and Efficient Operation